Disposable Days.

I started working on Disposable Days shortly after my uncle killed himself. After receiving the news, I locked myself inside my room for days on end, confining myself to either my bed or to the couch, only feeling the sun during the two minute walk to the local bodega for a sandwich. My motivation has never been the highest, but this had brought me lower, sending me into a fog where nothing mattered, and if you had asked me what day of the week it was, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. For a shy, lonely kid, who would rather be a fly on the wall then make small talk, photography has been one of the only things to get me off the couch since freshman year of high school, but recently it felt like I didn’t have the strength or energy to carry around my heavy DSLR just to take a photo every few days. Disposable Days was made to remind myself to get off my ass and each day and that no one’s life is disposable.

I started this project working by myself, but it wasn't until i asked my friends and class mates to get involved that this site really started to come together. Even now I don't think this project is complete, I'm not sure if I ever will, but if you'd like to help get me to that point please feel free to send me your pictures along with time and location. 

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